Saturday, February 5, 2011

Getting to know the learner

My first task I am setting for each of my classes is getting them to answer 20 Questions. The aim of this questionnaire is to get to know some key things about my learners. Questions range from queries about languages spoken, favourite texts, preferences in relation to technology and the setting learning goals for the school year.

My main challenge will actually be doing something meaningful with the information. One thing I plan to do is some simple 'so what?' analysis by identifying one thing I should note about each student, and actively considering how I should use it to influence my planning of topics, text choices or strategies used. Will see how that goes...

Ideally I would probably get the students to complete this as an online questionnaire using a Google Form - this at least would mean the results are easily collated. The use of pen and paper will have it's purpose though, as the answers will double as a record of student writing which will be filed away for authenticity purposes later in the year.